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Regina Crawley:
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November 15, 2018

In 2017 I changed jobs after eight years and had been fortunate enough to have my four year old daughter on-site with me every single day. For the first time I was not going to be able to have her on-site with me and my husband and I were very nervous about trusting someone with our daughter. After meeting the staff member at the Children’s Center who would be her Pre-K teacher, I was immediately relieved and felt much more comfortable with my daughter not being on-site with me every day. Alexis has had a very positive experience at the Children’s Center and she entered Kindergarten this Fall ready and prepared because of all of the hard work her teacher put in with her. Her teacher worked with our family to meet our needs and listened to our concerns about her being ready for Kindergarten. She worked with us to make sure my daughter was happy as well as us, her parents. Thank you to the Children’s Center for making this transition so much easier on our family!


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