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NAP Tax Credits
NAP Tax Credits


The Children's Center is a registered member of the Neighborhood Assistance Program.

Established in 1981, the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) works to encourage businesses and individuals to make donations to NAP-approved non-profit organizations for the benefit of serving low-income persons.

Qualified donations made directly to approved organizations may be eligible for NAP Tax Credits. NAP tax credits are issued for 65% of the total donation value. So, for example, if you make a monetary donation or donation of services that is valued at $1,000, you may be eligible for a Virginia tax credit of $650.

The Children's Center still has $1,913.21 in credits left until June 30, 2015. Get your Virginia tax credit by making a minimum donation of $500 today! Contact Jeff Zeigler at 562-6806 for details.

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