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Children's Center joins Rite Aid KidCents Program
Children's Center joins Rite Aid KidCents Program

The Children’s Center is now part of the Rite Aid KidCents program! We are one of 481 non-profits nationwide who are in this program.

You can round up your change when you make a purchase at any Rite Aid in the country and designate it to the Children’s Center. We received an update from Rite Aid Foundation notifying us that for every $500 that is donated, the Foundation will match it up to $5,000!

This is how you do it:

1. Enroll in wellness+ rewards
• Visit, click “Start Rounding Up Today”.
• Click “Register” button on the right to enroll in wellness+ rewards.
• Complete registration process for wellness+ rewards.

2. Join the KidCents Round-Up Program
• Visit
• You should see your account logged in on the left. If not, sign in with your username and password.
• Click “Start Rounding Up today!” dial on the left.

3. Designate Your KidCents Charity
• Click “Select a Charity”
• Type in the charity of your choice and click “Select This Charity”.
• Click “My Change” to edit preferences to “Automatically Round Up Purchases” for your charity with every transaction.

4. Encourage Friends and Family to enroll in wellness+ rewards, join the KidCents program and round up their change to support the health and well-being of children

When you are designating us as your charity, make sure you read carefully. There are two other Children’s Center’s across the country that are part of this program. Make sure you designate the correct one! When you look at the charity designation page, we are number two of the three listed. Our logo is not on there yet. But it should be soon.

You can also put the Rite Aid app on your smartphone so when you go to Rite Aid, the cashier scans the bar code and you are all set.

Remember, this is good anywhere in the country, so let your family and friends know!

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