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The Children's Center receives a second 5 Star Rating
The Children's Center receives a second 5 Star Rating




It was just two weeks ago that the Children’s Center was notified it had received a 5 star rating from the Virginia Star Quality Initiative (VSQI) for its Franklin Early Head Start Center.


The good news continued this week.


The Center was notified today that its Texie Camp Marks site in Franklin has also received a 5 star rating. The Children’s Center has now received two of the three 5 star ratings in Virginia.


Five stars is the highest rating a child care center can receive in the voluntary VSQI rating program.


During the past fiscal year, the Texie Camp Marks site housed Early Head Start, Head Start, and community childcare classrooms.

The VSQI is a partnership between the Office of Early Childhood Development and the Virginia Early Childhood Foundation. The local administrator of the VSQI is Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater. The VSQI is aimed at accessing and improving quality in early childhood programs and helping parents make more informed choices about child care options. Programs that volunteer to participate in the VSQI are rated on many factors including:  

  • Is the staff qualified? Do they have a degree in early childhood? Do they go to workshops to continue their training?
  • How do the teachers interact with your child? Do they talk with your child? Do they support your child's social and emotional growth? How do they discipline children? Do they have a positive attitude towards the children? Do they encourage children to learn and be creative?
  • How many children are in the classroom or the family child care program? How many teachers or assistant teachers are in the classroom?
  • How is the classroom furnished? What kinds of activities are offered? Are there materials for children to do art, read, play dress-up, or play music? Is it clean? Do the children get to play outside?
  • How do they help get your child ready for school?

In the rating report, the Texie Camp Marks Children’s Center scored a total of 157 of a possible 170 points, including 40 of 40 points in the area of environment and instruction. This includes stimulating a child’s cognitive development with classrooms divided into smaller activity centers. A high quality curriculum addressing the appropriate development of children is important, but the way a teacher implements that curriculum is more significant.


The Center also scored 30 of 30 points in the area of structure. This includes small class sizes and low child-to-teacher ratios.


“The Children's Center has always been dedicated to providing quality care for the children we serve. We are committed to ensuring that our staff are trained and current with best practices in early childhood education,” said G. Lee Taylor, Education Manager for the Children’s Center.  “The 5 star rating that the Texie Camp Marks Children's Center has just achieved confirms that we strive for excellence in early care and education.”


Smart Beginnings Western Tidewater has helped sponsor VSQI for 16 centers in Western Tidewater.


The Children’s Center is a private, nonprofit organization (501(c)(3) tax exempt) that has served families living in Western Tidewater (Suffolk, Isle of Wight County, Franklin, and Southampton County) since 1983. The Center serves children of all levels of ability, including those with disabilities, and those who are economically disadvantaged.  The Children’s Center’s mission is to nurture and educate children and their families.


The Children’s Center provides Early Head Start services to children ages birth to three and pregnant women, Head Start services to children ages three and four, early intervention to infants and toddlers with delays in development, licensed pediatric therapy and mental health services, and licensed early care and education for children six weeks to five years of age.  These programs are provided in the child’s home and in integrated settings at eight sites throughout Western Tidewater.

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