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Grief Support Group Cover
Grief Support Group

Support group for parents who have lost a child

Grief Support Group

When You Lose a Child

The Children’s Center offers a grief support group for parents experiencing the death of a child. Understanding parental grief is unique, the group meets to share stories, share resources, say their child’s name where others understand, and outreach to others in the community. The group sponsors several community activities throughout the year, including an annual candlelight service, pot-luck dinners, and special events. The group also supports individual visits with families who need one-on-one time.

It helps to know others understand and are willing to share tears and laughter.

Meeting Time

Meetings are held on the third Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m.

Texie Camp Marks Children’s Center
700 Campbell Avenue
Franklin, VA 23851

A light dinner is served

A Free Community Resource

The Camp Foundations and the Children’s Center support the Grief Group.

For More Information

Please call the Center or Rosalind Cutchins at (757) 562-6806 for further information and to confirm meeting details.

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