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Pediatric Therapy

The Children’s Center offers pediatric therapy to infants through young adults twenty-one years of age. The Virginia Department of Health licenses the Children’s Center to provide these services within the state.


Speech therapy focuses on the development of language skills and feeding and swallowing abilities. Language skills include speech development, voice disorders, and voice articulation. Speech therapy also teaches sign language to children who are hearing impaired. Children with feeding and swallowing disorders resulting from illness, injury, or congenital anomaly benefit from speech therapy as well.


The Children’s Center offers developmental services for children. These services support families and care givers to meet the unique developmental needs of children. Staff works collaboratively with families and childcare providers to better understand how to help a child develop age-appropriately.


The Children’s Center requires physician referrals for most therapy services although initial screenings may be requested by a parent. Therapy is recommended based on the individual needs of the child. The Children’s Center offers therapy at each location, in homes, and in area schools.



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