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Support a Mom and Baby on April 25th!

On April 25-26, we will aim to raise $3,000 to support pregnant moms and babies in our Home-Based program.

By donating, you will help us provide services to pregnant moms such as assisting with transportation to prenatal care appointments, providing families with referrals to get car seats and diapers, and helping families find other important resources.

Because a healthy pregnancy has a lasting influence on a child’s health and development, we make sure pregnant moms have everything they need to give birth to a healthy baby.

We know how important it is for moms to have community, so we also host monthly get-togethers for moms so they can get to know other moms-to-be and share the ups and downs of preparing for baby’s arrival. After baby is here, we are there for moms every step of the way! We understand how life is after baby is born so our Home Visitors are there to be friends, confidants, and mentors!

You can help! We can’t do it alone! By raising funds on April 25th, you will help us help a mom and baby! Every donation is impactful! From a $20 donation that may help purchase a pack of diapers to a $250 donation that will purchase a car seat or stroller or even a crib! We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of pregnant moms across our communities! Each mom we encounter is another opportunity to help ensure she has a healthy baby!

You can donate here:

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