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About Us

Children are treasures. They are our joy today and our hope and promise of the future. The Children's Center celebrates children.

About Us

What is the Children’s Center?

The Children’s Center is a nonprofit agency that provides children ages birth to five with early childhood education services, such as high-quality childcare. We nurture and educate children as well as their families—because we believe family is the best teacher and decision maker. Our programs serve a diverse Western Tidewater community, including children with disabilities and developmental delays.

Why Do We Exist?

Our mission is to nurture and educate children and their families.

About Us

How Do We Make an Impact?

By investing in children early—and across all fronts, from cognitive to physical to social-emotional—we can give them the best chances for success that will last a lifetime.

Because children deserve our best efforts...

  • We serve children of all levels of ability, including children with disabilities.
  • We celebrate diversity in all our programs.
  • We recognize the family as the best teacher and decision maker for their children.
  • We embrace the community as our partner in serving children.

We invite you to be our partner. Please contact our Management Staff to get involved. The joy these children bring us today will fulfill our hopes for their future.

Our History 

Since its inception, the Children’s Center has touched the lives of thousands of children and their families in Western Tidewater. In 1983, the Children’s Center branched out from Edmarc Hospice for Children. Today, it has eight childcare locations and other services.

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Board of Directors

We have a variety of respected individuals serving on our Board of Directors. The Children’s Center is a nonprofit agency focused on birth to age 5 in Western Tidewater, Virginia. We offer top-quality, affordable childcare as well as behavior support services, early intervention and other services.

Meet the Board

Management Staff

The Children’s Center is a nonprofit agency focused on birth to age 5 in Western Tidewater Virginia. Our highly qualified staff are experienced in their fields, many with advanced degrees. We have eight locations in Western Tidewater, serving children from a variety of income and ability levels.

Meet the Staff

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